A pioneer in the field of Natural Skincare, Natural Acne Treatment, and Holistic Dermatology (also known as natural dermatology,integrative dermatology, functional dermatology, or natropathic dermatology), Dr. Alan Dattner has been developing unique, individual solutions with patients for hard-to-treat skin and inflammation disorders for the past 40 years. Dr. Dattner wants you to experience radiant skin health. He combines the best of allopathic medicine and complementary treatments for the safest, most effective path to heal the underlying circumstances and help you find optimum health, clear skin, more energy, improved mood, and better digestion and metabolism. Read Dr. Dattner's Bio here.

Office: New Rochelle, NY
(914) 637-0908

Office: Advanced Dermatology, New York City
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"Dr. Dattner is an extremely gifted physician who helped me recover from a painful and disfiguring skin disorder for which was misdiagnosed--I had to wear a surgical mask due to my inflammation.

Dr. Dattner was able to identify and treat my condition, creating dramatic improvement occurred within days, so I no longer needed to cover my face & could finally sleep again.

With gratitude and appreciation, I have only the highest recommendation for Dr. Dattner."

-MK, New York

"I just want to thank you for the all you did for me. I'm totally healed. No bumps or lumps on my face.

You did magic. My skin feels and looks so much better all over even on my body. You are an amazing doctor, thank you for saving me! I've received amazing results from your treatment.

I have been clear of rosacea, perioral dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and the stubborn itchiness that I was affected with at different times of the month. Since then my face has been cleared up, and I have absolutely no trace of any skin condition.

Thank you so much for spending your time and energy to heal me. I'm very grateful."

-MP, New York

I help people who want natural skincare to:

  • clear acne and pimples naturally
  • look younger and brighter
  • have more energy and do more
  • eliminate mood swings and PMS
  • improve digestion and lose weight

Why I Use Natural Skincare:

  • avoid side effects of unnecessary pharmaceuticals
  • treat conditions western medicine can't
  • avoid toxic chemicals
  • assist the body to heal instead of assaulting it
  • find lasting solutions rather than cover-ups

Skin is your palpable barrier with which you divide yourself from and touch the world around you.

Modern dermatology and pharmaceuticals have made it possible to control the symptoms of many disfiguring skin conditions, but sometimes at a price of significant side effects. I do it differently. I naturally treat everything from rosacea and eczema to pimples and acne to chronic fatigu, allergy, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.

By working back along the "causal chain" to address the root cause of your skin condition, and using more natural skincare therapeutic agents to do so, I have been able to reduce or eliminate the conventional medications and produce more lasting improvements in skin condition.

carrot"Dear Dr Dattner, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your herbal remedy to fight my severe acne condition. After my first visit with you, I tried your herbal remedy, and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my skin. I had a lot of breakouts particularly on my nose, one of the most visible areas on the face on a weekly basis.

Now, my face has cleared up tremendously, and I feel much happier. Anyone who has battled acne for years can identify with this. You are the answer to my prayers. In the past I have tried many different remedies, going to other dermatologists who only prescribed antibiotics, which can be a health hazard over a period of time. I feel so much safer taking herbal remedies. Thank you again."
- JoC, New York"

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