Dr. Alan Dattner is a pioneer in the field of natural skincare, natural acne treatment, and Holistic Dermatology.

Dr. Alan Dattner has been developing unique, individual solutions with patients for hard-to-treat skin and inflammation disorders for the past 30 years.

Dr. Dattner wants you to experience radiant skin health. He combines the best of allopathic medicine and complementary treatments for the safest, most effective path to heal the underlying circumstances and help you find optimum vitality.

Dr. Dattner is an extremely gifted physician who helped me recover from a painful and disfiguring skin disorder for which was misdiagnosed--I had to wear a surgical mask due to my inflammation.

Dr. Dattner was able to identify and treat my condition, creating dramatic improvement occurred within days, so I no longer needed to cover my face & could finally sleep again.

With gratitude and appreciation, I have only the highest recommendation for Dr. Dattner.

MK, New York
Dear Dr. Dattner, I'm feeling well these days--stomach is better, no skin eruptions for the moment. I will be in touch if there's any re-occurrence of the skin problems. Thanks for everything.
GB, New York
I used to have heartburn. I awoke with pain or had pain in the abdomen 2-3 times per day. Dr Dattner suggested that I take a particular herb, and I haven’t had abdominal pain since I began taking it.
EL, New York